Sunday, 2 August 2015

Rubber Fingers

Do you remember going to watch a magician when you were little, & he would hand you his magic wand?  It would be a perfectly "normal" wand in his hand, then turn out to be a tricky rubber wand that fell limply towards the ground?  This is exactly how my fingers feel at the moment...

These last few weeks seem to have made my fingers decide to go through a "teenager" phase & not listen to a single thing that I want them to do!  It is so difficult to explain to people what it feels like, so I thought I would write about 10 everyday things that I am battling with during this miserable winter & the effect that the cold is having on my fingers.  So here it goes.

10 Everyday Things I Can't Do (for now...)
1. Wash my face properly.  My fingers don't close together so the water simply slips through my fingers salt salt through a sieve.  I have made a plan with a facecloth & it just takes a bit longer than usual.  This morning I noticed it was my pinkie in particular that just wouldn't lift up or come close to the others, then my ring finger also decided to play the fool & move away from the others.

2.  Do up my pants.  You would be amazed at how difficult it is to be able to do up your pants - especially the button on jeans.  It is a lot trickier than you would think when your fingers have no strength & go off in every which what direction.  My husband has had to dress me & after going to the loo at work I have had moments of having to ask someone to help me do my pants up again!

3.  Carrying packets.  My fingers don't have a lot of strength in them & I have dropped countless things before learning my lesson & using a trolley around the shops, & then asking someone for help to lift these into my car.  I also have a fabric tote bag that I can put over my shoulder for any small trips to the shops - no more broken eggs to split packets for me!

4.  Undoing lids.  Again, it's the fine movements that I battle with.  I can't get a good enough grip on the lid & my fingers splay off in all sorts of odd directions which makes it near impossible to open lids - I have learnt to make a plan with knives etc but more often than not I take it to my superman husband to do for me.

5.  Unlocking a public toilet door.  Being locked in a public loo is not fun - let me tell you that.  And it is even worse when my talking isn't good so I can't shout for help because people think I am either a crazy person or a drunkard.  It is a lot easier to lock the door than to unlock it & get out; & I have had quite a few close calls.  I really have to concentrate, take a deep breath & sometimes make use of my shirt by bunching it up & putting it over the lock to try open in.

6.  Tying my hair up/putting clips in.  My fingers splay in odd directions, won't hold onto a hair elastic & more often than not my hair ends up in a knot around the elastic!  Eventually I learnt my lesson & I now keep my hair short & easy to manage - although sometimes I still need a little assistance to get my clips in to keep my fringe off my face.

7.  Doing my make-up.  Small sponges, eyeliner, precision, & concentration.  I love doing make-up & considered a career in this industry after studying beauty & spa therapy for 3 years.  However on days like this I am rather glad I didn't follow my dreams & rather followed the practical route of something I can do even on my vrot days!  I love numbers & I love making use of my brain, but I do really miss the creative aspect of beauty therapy & make-up.

8.  Cutting up my dinner.  I feel like a small child in the fact that there are many nights I have to ask husband dear to cut up my dinner for me as my hand slips around the knife & I can saw my food for ages to no avail.  It is always worse at night when I am tired, the sun is down & it is freezing in our little house.  We usually have soft foods that provide for easier eating & swallowing, but sometimes it is good to have some real meat - even if I do have to ask for help.

9.  Crocheting/colouring in.  These are 2 of my favourite hobbies & unfortunately they make use of my hands.  Often I will be halfway through a pattern/picture & my hands will just give up.  They will flop like wilting flowers & no matter how hard I concentrate I cannot get them to co-operate & do what I want them to.

10.  Using my phone.  Today for the first time I couldn't sms using my thumbs.  I was a real geriatric using my one finger to tap each letter & it took me a couple of minutes to get the full message out.  No more games on my phone or anything that requires extra unnecessary energy.  I have also been taking quite a few breaks through this blog as I try find ways to warm my fingers up, turn on the heater & give my fingers a break.

This is nothing to worry about, & although most of the time I can laugh when my fingers go loopy, there are still times when I get terribly frustrated with myself.  It is to be expected though.  I never thought I would have to get someone to dress me or help get me out of a locked bathroom or even cut up my food.

Keep warm friendies & take care of yourself xxx